To keep warm, the Arctic peoples dressed in layers of loose-fitting clothing. On top of all these layers, thet wore a fur parka that hung down to their knees, made from bird skin, otter hide, sea lion hide, and the fur from fur-seals. Men wore parkas called kamleikas that had no hood. They were usually made from bird skin, but in cold weather they wore gut skin parkas over their shirt. Gut skin is made up of the intestines of seals, whales, or sea lions. Women wore similar parkas, although made from the fur of a fur-seal. They also wore sealskin boots called kamiks or mukluks. These boots are made from sea lion flippers and fur seal hide, making them waterproof. Boots were extended to the thigh using seal esophagus. Pants were rarely worn. Women made clothes from the skins of seals, caribou, bears, foxes, and other animals. They scraped the skins clean with a knife called an ulu. The skins are then chewed to be made softer.

Traditional Arctic Clothing
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