Many of the Arctic peoples had varied types of housing. One type of shelter is the ice house, or igloo. The ice house was made up of large blocks cut from the ice. The blocks were stacked in a circle, the walls leaning in slightly as they rose up, so that a dome shape was created. A small hole was usually left in the top for ventilation. A long, low tunnel was how people entered and exited the ice house. This method was used so cold air couldn't get in. Furnature, such as benches and tables, was made up of large slabs of ice or hard-packed snow. Beds were also made up of snow blocks, but they were covered in willow branches and warm furs as well.

Another form of shelter is the karmat. They consist of wood or whale bone frames covered in sod. People entered through a tunnel, like with an ice house, although some people prefer to use a passageway through the roof. Occasionally clear animal gut was stretched over small openings to make windows.